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Pitching & Throwing / Creating Good Arm Action

by Chuck Hernandez

Chuck has served as bullpen coach for the California Angles in 1992, and as the pitching coach for the California Angles (1993-1996), Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2004-2005), and the Detroit Tigers (2006-2008). In 2009 he was the Cleveland Indians bullpen coach. He is currently the Miami Marlins pitching coach. Prior to his coaching career, Chuck played in the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox organizations from 1979 to 1983.

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Coach Chuck Hernandez discusses a simple way as pitchers to put ourselves in the proper throwing position in this video tip. Teaching proper throwing mechanics at an early age will not just benefit you as a young pitcher, it will also help to keep your arm healthy as you get older and really start firing the ball in to the plate. Remember "Thumb to Thigh, then High to the Sky" while keeping your fingers on top of the baseball, and you will be on your way to flawless mechanics.
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