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Hitting / From Ear to Here Drill

by Orestes Destrade

Former Major League Baseball infielder for Yankees, Marlins and Pirates. Destrade also played five seasons in the Japanese Pacific League, where he led the league in home runs for three consecutive years. Destrade is also a successful broadcaster. He's now a broadcaster for the Tampa Bay Rays after his years at ESPN Baseball Tonight. He helped broadcast the 2007, 2008 & 2009 Little League World Series and many other national baseball events.

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Orestes Destrade shows us how to do the "From Ear to Here" drill for hitters. This drill will keep the swing flat, ensuring we have the bat in the strike zone for the longest amount of time. Orestes shows us how to keep the swing short instead of long and around the baseball instead of through, point A to point B, just like a boxer throwing the punch direct instead of around his opponent. This is an excellent tip for those hitters who have longer swings and are not keeping the bat in the zone. Implementing this tip will improve your batting average and increase consistent contact.
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