Chris Coghlan

Christopher B. Coghlan is current Major League outfielder for the Chicago Cubs. He was the 2009 Rookie of the Year.

Videos by Chris Coghlan

  • 1:46 min.

    Hand Positioning for Bunting

  • 3:35 min.

    Bunting for a Base Hit

  • 2:7 min.

    Situational Bunting - Where You Should Bunt the Ball and Why

  • 2:46 min.

    Sacrifice Bunting Mindset & Mechanics

  • 2:22 min.

    How to Keep Momentum When Fielding Ground Balls in the Outfield

  • 3:42 min.

    Outfield Routes

  • 2:20 min.

    Reading the Ball Off the Bat

  • 2:25 min.

    Pre-game One Handed Hitting Drill