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Fielding - Fielding Bunts on the 1st Base Side

Publish On 2014-09-27 Category/Subcategory : Pitching / Fielding / Jason Johnson | Video ID:1675

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Coach Jason Johnson talks about the 2 types of bunts you will see on the first base line and how you should handle them in this video tip. With the ball that has died in the grass, we want to make sure that we field it with a wide base already position to throw the ball to first. It is important to use your bare hand when fielding these types of bunts. If the ball is still moving we want to get a wide base and use our glove and bare hand to field the ball.
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Jason Johnson

Jason signed with the Pittsburg Pirates in 1992. His major league debut with the Pirates in 1997, he went on to play for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Seibu Lions (Japanese League 2007), and Los Angeles Dodgers.
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