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Outfield - Fielding Ground Balls in the Outfield

Publish On 2014-10-23 Category/Subcategory : Fielding / Outfield / Randy Fierbaugh | Video ID:2626

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Coach Randy Fierbaugh works with some young players in the proper mechanics in fielding balls in the outfield in this video segment. It is important to be a good fielder in the outfield, as you are the last line of defense on the field. Working with outfielders on fielding ground balls is important, making sure they keep their body in front of the ball and block it at all costs.
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Randy Fierbaugh

Randy was drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 5th round of the 1974 MLB Amateur Draft following his graduation from Ashland University. He spent seven years pitching in the Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres and Baltimore Orioles organizations from 1974-1980. Randy, most recently, has been a pitching coach at the high school level in Florida since 2000 where he has mentored over 25 pitchers and players who have gone on to the collegiate and professional level.
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