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Outfield - Football Pass Drill

Publish On 2014-10-23 Category/Subcategory : Fielding / Outfield / Mike Billek | Video ID:2633

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Coach Mike Billek works with some young baseball players on a drill designed to work on catching fly balls in this video segment. The Football Pass drill takes one of the harder aspects of the game and makes it fun, teaching players how to run full speed and catch the baseball. Players tend to have trouble with this part of the game, as when running the head moves all over the place hence making the target move around. This drill will train the players to run with a quiet head while having a fun time doing it.
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About The

Mike Billek

After his Junior year at the University of Central Florida, Mike was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2005 MLB Amateur Draft by the Chicago Cubs. Mike spent 3 years in the Cubs organization. Mike presently is a high school pitching coach in Florida where he has had a major impact on producing collegiate talent with strong pitching fundamentals.
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