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Pitching Mechanics - Importance of Good Direction

Publish On 2014-09-27 Category/Subcategory : Pitching / Pitching Mechanics / Chuck Hernandez | Video ID:1702

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Coach Chuck Hernandez shares a tip with us on good direction in this segment. Pitching is about straight lines, yet we want to make sure the ball has good life and movement on it down in the zone. Making sure that you are not working against your body when delivering the pitch is important, it can help with accuracy as well as keep your arm healthy. If you are having trouble with your direction to the plate, draw a line from the rubber to the plate in the dirt and strive to land close to that line. It all boils down to be efficient and maximizing what our bodies will allow us to do.
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Chuck Hernandez

Chuck has served as bullpen coach for the California Angles in 1992, and as the pitching coach for the California Angles (1993-1996), Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2004-2005), and the Detroit Tigers (2006-2008). In 2009 he was the Cleveland Indians bullpen coach. He is currently the Miami Marlins pitching coach. Prior to his coaching career, Chuck played in the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox organizations from 1979 to 1983.
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