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Running Mechanics - Leg Extension and Turnover Drill

Publish On 2014-10-23 Category/Subcategory : Speed & Agility / Running Mechanics / John Forbes | Video ID:2653

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Coach John Forbes demonstrates a drill designed to create the proper foot path while running in this video segment. This is a drill that can be done right before you get into a sprinting program, where you are refreshing your muscles into the proper path they should take while running. Once you get a feel for the proper path, it is recommended to use this drill periodically to keep yourself in good form.
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John Forbes

Hi, Coach Forbes here. When you decide you’re going to get into the best shape you’ve ever experienced, you need someone that is going to deliver a top notch, positive, and motivating experience you’ve never had. And since Fitness starts with F, you start with Forbes. Born from the basics of martial arts, collegiate sports, United States Naval Academy human performance conditioning, and to achieve ballistic & plyometrics, my style of training focuses on conditioning the whole body to look the way you want, and move the way you demand it to. Being the personal trainer for many big leaguers, I want you to have the secrets of the best performance too. Check out the speed and agility videos here at You will not be disappointed.
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