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Post Game - Post Game Lying Quad Stretch

Publish On 2014-09-27 Category/Subcategory : Speed & Agility / Post Game / Jimmy Myers | Video ID:1654

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Coach Jimmy Myers goes over a crucial part of the stretching routine that is often overlooked, the Post Game Stretch. The Lying Quad Stretch is common, yet people tend to do this stretch all wrong. Make sure instead of trying to lift your hips off the ground to touch your foot to your butt, you drive your hip into the ground making for a deep stretch. Coach Myers recommends 30 second holds on each side in a post game setting, this along with other post game stretches will ensure you are doing all that is possible to remain healthy on the diamond.
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Jimmy Myers

Jimmy was a wrestler and 3-time “All American Athlete” at the University of Central Florida before becoming a Partner and Head Trainer at Tampa Bay Athletics in 2012.
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