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Lower Body Strength - Medicine Ball rotational Scoop Throw

Publish On 2014-09-27 Category/Subcategory : Strength & Conditioning / Lower Body Strength / Cale Owen | Video ID:1618

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Coach Cale Owen shares an exersise that helps to train hip explosiveness and hip power while engaging your core, The Medicine Ball Rotational Scoop Throw. You will need a medicine ball and a wall sturdy enough for you to throw a medicine ball at. Start with a lighter medicine ball and work up making sure you equally work both sides of your body.
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Cale Owen

Cale played baseball at Flagler College, and after his final year at Flagler, signed with the Philadelphia Phillies organization in 2010 as a second baseman and shortstop. In 2013, he joined Tampa Bay Athletics as a Head Trainer.
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