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Catching - Partner Fielding Basics Drill

Publish On 2015-04-09 Category/Subcategory : Fielding / Catching / Kevin Skelly | Video ID:4354

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Kevin Skelly continues to build the basics for the younger players and a review of basic skills for the older players. This "Partner Fielding Basics Drill"can be used for either team or individual instruction. Players will learn to establish a good base, hands out in front, fanny down, thumbs together pointing forward, glove hand on bottom, throwing hand on top, knees bent and looking the ball into the hands. Learning how to employ this drills will increase the number of repetitions and develop positive muscle memory. A great foundation for the basic fielding position.
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About The

Kevin Skelly

Owner for 2 baseball training facilities in the Tampa Bay area, Coach Kevin has 20+ years experience as a youth baseball coach and is widely respected with a very large & loyal following in Tampa FL. Kevin played at University of Tampa prior to suffering a career ending arm injury. Kevin has done numerous successful summer camps & clinics and managed many youth teams at various ages.
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