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Approach & Strategy - Pitcher Tempo

Publish On 2014-09-27 Category/Subcategory : Pitching / Approach & Strategy / John Cumberland | Video ID:1691

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Coach John Cumberland discusses Pitchers tempo in this tip which is more important than you may think. The amount of time a pitcher takes in between pitches can effect a lot in a baseball game, it can cause the fielders behind him to start playing on their heels which leads to errors. A good rule of thumb is to never leave the dirt of the mound when receiving a throw from the catcher, as soon as you get the ball it is time to get back on the mound and fire in the next pitch. Having good tempo doesn't require extraordinary athletic ability, don't let it be the reason you have trouble in your next outing!
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John Cumberland

John pitched for six seasons in the major leagues between 1968 and 1974 for the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and California Angles organizations. After his playing career, he was the bullpen coach and pitching coach for the Boston Red Sox (1999-2001), and the Kansas City Royals (2002-2003).
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