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Pitching Grips - Pitching Grips- Cutter and Slider

Publish On 2014-09-27 Category/Subcategory : Pitching / Pitching Grips / Gil Patterson | Video ID:1699

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Coach Gil Patterson shares with you how to grip and throw the cutter and slider in this video. There are several different way to grip each pitch, the key is finding one that you are confident in and also one that you see results from. These two pitches are very similar, with the slider having a little more break to it. Remember as in all new pitches, it takes time to perfect them so be patient and make sure you practice them while playing catch.
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Gil Patterson

Gil was drafted by the New York Yankees as the 7th pick of the 1975 June Secondary Draft, and made his major league debut with the Yankees in 1977. He joined the Arizona Diamondbacks organization as the minor league pitching coordinator from 1997-2000. In 2001, he was the bullpen coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, and as the pitching coach for the Blue Jays from 2002-2004. In 2005 he re-joined the Yankees organization as the minor league pitching coach for their AAA Columbus Clippers team and from 2006-2007 for the Gulf Coast League Yankees. In 2008, Gil joined the Oakland Athletics organization as the minor league pitching coordinator and continued in that position until 2012. In 2012, he rejoined the New York Yankees as the minor league pitching coordinator, and currently holds that position.
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