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Being a coach these days isn’t easy. Parents expect you to know everything there is to know about baseball. And your kids want you to turn them into the next Mike Trout. Another tough challenge you face? Organizing effective, engaging, and fun practice sessions. This requires serious planning that you just don’t have the time for. Does that sound about right?

Here’s the good news! There is a clear path to success and Inside Baseball was created to help you achieve it! How do we do it? By having created our own winning team of some of the top coaches in the nation and providing you with a step-by-step approach to coaching at every level that’s built on progressive training objectives.

These coaches are seasoned veterans who’ll share their knowledge and expertise with you. You’ll get over 500 tips and drills videos, information-packed courses, age-appropriate learning objectives and drills for over 5 different age groups in six core skill categories, 50 weekly practice plans that are deigned to simulate a 10-week season, and much, much more. Plus, they’ll break down complex body-mechanics into simple, straightforward instructions.

Take a look at what members of our winning
coaching staff have accomplished:
- 14 AllStar Game appearances
- 2 MVPs and Cy Young Awards
- 10 World Series Titles
- They've shaped the careers of over 150 All-Stars and
made dozens of postseason appearances

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Over 500 videos in our Tips & Drills Library

These must-see videos teach pitching, hitting, fielding, cutoff and relay, base running, catching, speed & agility, strength & conditioning, and much more. The result? Your players will win more games and enjoy baseball more than ever!

From T-ball to High School - 50 Practice Plans by Age Group

Inside Baseball "Learning Path" is a step-by-step youth coaching framework based on progressive training objectives. We provide a 50 weekly practice plan to go along with the videos for 5 age groups. We’ll make sure to keep your practices organized and effective!

Many hours of must-see video courses

Each one is taught by an outstanding coach who focuses on a single topic. The series covers hitting, base running, pitching, outfield & infield at every level of the game. Sure. You can find coaching tips on the Internet. But our videos are part of a well-planned, consistent, and integrated coaching system.

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Featured Program: How To Prevent Arm Injury

Program Led by Roy “Doc” Halladay and Leo Mazzone, former Atlanta Pitching Coach for 16 Yrs, 14 Straight Division Titles Winner, Exclusively at InsideBaseball.com

Featured Program: 38 Animated Defense Plays

Learn how to handle cutoff relay situations, from single to double, from pop-up to double steal.

Featured Program: Speed & Agility Training Just for Baseball Players

We will show you the right running mechanics and the best drills to gain agility and move A LOT faster.

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"I love your site. I recommended it for so many people. Your site is invaluable for picking up good drills. Some drills can be used for ALL ages even in the MLB."
Mike Toomey - Baseball Factory Scouting Consultant
"I show the videos to my kids and we'll watch one video 3 or 4 times. The series of videos on the site are really good and does come in handy for training purposes. The defensive play book is one of the best tools we can use. We just spent a couple of hours practice doing first section in the book. We are definitely going to continue to use that during the season."
Jason Philips - Snellville GA 9U Coach
"What makes Inside Baseball so powerful is that it helps you focus on two different worlds – advanced instruction and also the things that we take for granted. The instruction helps you master the basics while also helping you tinker with the most intricate details in your game to help take you to the next level. Inside Baseball is a one stop shop for all the baseball instruction you need."
Lou Pastore - Tampa FL - Little League Coach
"The access you get to some of the best minds the sport has to offer is what makes Inside Baseball so unique. Just sitting down and watching these videos and implementing them into your day-to-day routine can help make you a better player. I’d recommend Inside Baseball and their videos to anyone looking to be a better baseball player!"
Roy Halladay - Former MLB All-Star Pitcher


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