Kids Playing Dirt in the Outfield?

We have a phrase for being in the outfield, it’s called “Working the Dirt” because when you’re in the outfield, you are effectively “out” in the “field.” If you were a planet, you’d be Pluto. The

Pitching and Throwing for Ages 15 and Up

When kids are young – we tend to focus in on the things we know in baseball. We teach them to hit, pitch, field and throw regularly. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that 99% of baseball practice time

Pitching and Throwing for Ages 13 - 14

As part of our “learning path” article series, today we discuss pitching and throwing for ages 13 – 14. This is where you might notice true and actual “teenage rebellion” on and off the field. You’ve

Pitching and Throwing for Ages 10 - 12

Your 10-12 year old players are no longer as pre-occupied with play like when they were younger. And, not to get you more excited about tweens, but things like fighting, lying, bullying, disrupting

Pitching and Throwing for Ages 7 - 9

Players in grades 2nd through 4th will be more proficient in their relationships with their pals. You might see more conflicts and arguments than when you’re teaching the kindergarten crew. They grow

Pitching and Throwing for Ages 4 - 6

Coaches, showing this age group how to play ball is kind of like herding cats. Kids develop at different speeds in different styles. You might have some who have taken a real shine to baseball, and

Reading the Signs - Communication Between the Catcher and Pitcher

As if we needed another reason for why baseball is cool, this article will share another: The confidential catcher-pitcher relationship that is crucial to any baseball team’s success. Every catcher

5 Fielding Drills To Improve Your Baseball Team

It’s hard to sit there and watch the ball go between your players’ legs game after game. On one hand, you do not want to be too hard on them. It’s a game, right? On the other hand, you do want them

What Do You Look For In A Good Infielder?

Question: What Do You Look For In A Good Infielder? John 

Answer from Sam:  

John, that’s actually a really good question and happens to be my personal pet peeve. For me, a