Cale Owen

Cale played baseball at Flagler College, and after his final year at Flagler, signed with the Philadelphia Phillies organization in 2010 as a second baseman and shortstop. In 2013, he joined Tampa Bay Athletics as a Head Trainer.


01:49 min.
Russian Twist
02:52 min.
Romanian Dead Lift
02:13 min.
Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift
03:22 min.
Step Up Drill
02:29 min.
Kettle Bell Sumo Dead Lift
01:51 min.
Glute Bridge
02:21 min.
Single Leg Glut Bridge
01:42 min.
Cocktail Lunge
02:47 min.
Single Leg Reach and Pull
02:25 min.
Kettle Bell Dead Swing
01:58 min.
Pronation Dumbbell Curl
01:28 min.
Alternating Scorpions
02:39 min.
Side Lunge to Balance
01:52 min.
Vintage Squat
01:58 min.
Forearm Wall Slides
02:23 min.
Kettlebell Swing
02:00 min.
Wall Sprints
02:23 min.
Star Drill
02:05 min.
5-10-5 Drill
00:51 min.
Step Off Sprint Drill
00:59 min.
Pushup to Sprint Drill
02:18 min.
Medicine Ball Rotational Throw
02:05 min.
Medicine Ball rotational Scoop Throw
02:03 min.
Medicine Ball Shuffle Throw